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full title: Hodslen Woods – Animal Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles for Kids (12+ Years) Adult, Teens, Family; Majestic Animal Shaped Natural Wood Puzzle, Expert Level, 11×10.2 in. (28×26 cm), 140 pcs, L – Size – Rooster

buy it from amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Hodslen-Woods-Puzzles-Majestic-Natural/dp/B096BH98XB

? Only Natural Materials: High quality components are used in our animal shapes jigsaw puzzles. The set includes 140 unique shape wooden pieces that are 100% eco-friendly. Thickness of each single majestic piece is 4mm which makes them very pleasant to touch yet hard to break. Some of the wooden pieces have animal shape, this makes the puzzling time more fun and enjoyable. In order to help you with the challenge of puzzling, we have put a reference picture in the packing tube.

? Makes a Perfect Gift: These majestic wooden jigsaw puzzles make a perfect gift for holiday: Christmas, Birthday, Father’s day, Mother’s day, Anniversary, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Friendship day and graduation. This is the best gift for kids and adults as you not only giving a wooden puzzle, but you are also giving an emotion. Puzzling is a wonderful journey full of interesting. Surprise and delight yourself or your friends and family with an brain teaser of Puzzling Rooster Animal in Puzzles!

? Decorate Your Room: No need to buy a frame for it, it`s all included in the set. You can assemble the Rooster Puzzle and stick it wherever you want! We are offering you a stress-free process! All you have to do is to take the special sticker from the set and stick to the back of the assembled puzzle, add fixing points and you can hang in on the wall or stick to your fridge. Gorgeous colors and details of the 3d animal puzzle can be a perfect decoration for your bedroom, kitchen or living room.

buy it from amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Hodslen-Woods-Puzzles-Majestic-Natural/dp/B096BH98XB

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