#love Vintage Wooden Wildflowers Puzzle 500 Pieces …

full title: Vintage Wooden Wildflowers Puzzle 500 Pieces for Adult, Botany Plant Flower Puzzle of Wildflowers of North America, Floral Wooden Jigsaw Puzzles Nature as Plant Gifts

buy it from amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0CCJJ5HSB

45 Intriguing Shapes: Unlike other brands offering a mere 24 shapes, our wood puzzle boasts an impressive selection of 45 unique patterns. Explore the beauty of flowers, butterflies, birds, animals, trees, plants, landscapes, and more. These diverse shapes add a delightful challenge, unveiling hidden surprises throughout the puzzle-solving journey.

Premium 5mm Thickness, Superior Basswood: Crafted from the finest basswood, renowned for its superior quality in wooden puzzle materials, our wooden jigsaw puzzles pieces boast a substantial 5mm thickness. Feel the tactile pleasure as you piece them together. It’s remarkably durable, and our laser-cutting technique ensures impeccable edges without any scorching.

Crisp Print, Exquisite Decor: Our wooden puzzles for adults pieces feature UV printing, resulting in vibrant and fade-resistant colors. Once completed, the puzzle exhibits a sophisticated wooden aesthetic, suitable for stylish interior decoration. The wooden box cover can even be supported by the frame braces, transforming into a charming and compact artwork.

buy it from amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0CCJJ5HSB

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